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sam and jack, just smaller

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the mini!OTP community
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At the end of "Fragile Balance," Thor took the opportunity to clone Sam as well, either because she is so very smart and they would like a Carter backup, or because Thor wants his humans to breed some genetically superior offspring and he has given up on the classic!OTP to get it done.

They are cruelly sent to grow up again in high school.

Same 'ship! New angst! Flexible young bodies!

And impossible, *impossible* freaking cuteness.


This community is for fic and discussion. You are encouraged, nay, obligated to post all random mini!OTP snippets here as well as fic links and recs to mini!OTP fic found outside this community (I can only imagine there is... a lot of it... at the pit of voles), fic challenges, and discussion/random squeeeing about the mini!OTP. Fan art and icons are also more than welcome. Basically... spam us with stuff tangentially related to mini!OTP and you will be worshipped and hailed.

This community is open. Currently your mods are mylittleredgirl and kataclysmic. If anyone else wants to be a mod for power-trippy and/or helpful reasons, shout out.

The icon currently in use for the community is by aj. Bother her to make more of them.


The layout was made by kataclysmic, featuring images of Michael Welch from the Stargate episode Fragile Balance. Images of Alison Lohman (mainly from the film White Oleander) were used to represent mini!Sam.

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